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/ Neev

Hand Tool for Sowing Seeds


Guide: Bhaskar Bhatt

In collaboration Design Clinic &

Suruchi Shikshan Vasahat Trust


6 weeks, 2012


Neev is an ergonomic hand tool help farmers sow seeds in an upright, comfortable posture and to be able to do it repeatedly with reduced effort. It aims to reduce the time and labour in sowing seeds without compromising the efficiency of the process. I discovered my area of focus following a visit to a Blacksmith’s and Farmer’s community in Bardoli near Surat, Gujarat. The community trains blacksmiths for small enterprises and they build agricultural tools for small farmers in western India.


The key crops in this region being groundnut and cotton require deep seed sowing which is a taxing process. Neev was designed to make this task more efficient and also ensure ease of production by local blacksmiths.


The research involved observing their process of making tools, analyzing how the farmers used these tools and also spending time using them myself.

The method of videography and photography was used to carry out a work-time study to analyze the work pattern and the ergonomic requirements of seed sowing. 

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