I am a Product Designer, Digital Technology Researcher & Visual Thinker. My practice includes designing technologies informed by user research with a focus on the future of digital technologies and human-machine interactions with a special interest in Conversational Interfaces (chatbots and voice-bots), Wearables, Healthcare and Data-privacy. I am keen to design emerging technologies for adoption in previously unexplored scenarios. I hold a BDes in Product Design from the NID India and recently completed by MDes in the Digital Futures program at OCADU. I have previously worked with IDEO,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Titan Watches.




My earliest childhood memories are of me scribbling mountains with my grandmother. Now every time I doodle I am drawn back to those wonder-filled afternoons making me feel more like a five-year old now than I ever filling me with a child-like wonder. From working in a young healthcare startup to building a master's thesis on sociable voice user interfaces, it is this child-like wonder that has 'un-shaped' me into a Design Mutant, curious to take up new challenges and wear different hats to fills the gaps.

I see my role as that of a problem solver, one who steps in to simplify available information, decode user-behaviour and brings method to madness. 

I enjoy being the occasional fly-on-the-wall observing people in their element and making talking bots. When I am not working you can find me reading, doodling, binge-watching, obsessively cleaning or making paper-planes.


A pen, a sketchbook, chai and eggs 🍳


How might we make technology more human and delightful, to solve for people’s unmet needs?


R.K. Laxman | Jane Fulton Suri | Dieter Rams  & the people around me! 🤩


Naoto Fukasawa, the book. 📕

It was my introduction to seeing Design as a practice and philosophy, a way of being.


Sketches in Voice User Interfaces: Relational Conversations with Virtual Personal Assistants in Domestic Spaces

Masters thesis, OCAD University. ISBN 978-1-77835-090-0 , 2021

Patent: Ocular Screening

Pub. no. WO/2018/100589, PCT/IN2017/050561 , 2016

Designing for Comprehensive Healthcare: A ground zero study and system

synthesis from India


RSD7, The 7th Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, 2018

Access to Electricity-A Case Study for a Decentralized People-Centric Energy

model for India


RSD7, The 7th Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, 2018

InterCARE: A Cloud Computing Patient Care System

In proceedings; IndiaHCI Conference 2014 (ACM Digital Library)


Empowering  Caregivers in Immunization Innovation Challenge
Community Fellow, Challenge Team

OpenIDEO + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Healthy Bones Healthy Aging Challenge

Community Fellow, Challenge Team

OpenIDEO + UCB, AARP Innovation, VA Innovation Center, National Osteoporosis Foundation, & TMC Innovation

iSHOW India, ASME Grand prize 2017

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Winning Start-up

Representing Brun Health Pvt. Ltd.

Singularity University Global Impact Challenge (GIC) India 2018
Winning Start-up

Representing Brun Health Pvt. Ltd.

4 Collaborative Design Tips from OpenIDEO’s Community Fellows
Reflections as a Community Fellow


How to Build a Vibrant Global Community, Virtually
Tips & Tricks on working virtually


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