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I am a Conversation + Product Designer & Visual Thinker. My practice includes designing technologies informed by user research with a focus on the future of digital technologies and human-machine interactions with a special interest in Conversational Interfaces (chatbots and voice-bots), Artificial Intelligence, Wearables & Healthcare . I am keen to design emerging technologies for adoption in previously unexplored scenarios. I have a B.Des in Product Design from the NID India and completed by MDes in the Digital Futures program at OCADU. I have worked with some amazing teams at IBM, IDEO,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Titan Watches.



childhood memory of me drawing

My earliest childhood memories are of me scribbling mountains with my grandmother. Now every time I doodle I am drawn back to those wonder-filled afternoons making me feel more like a five-year old now than I ever filling me with a child-like wonder. From working in a young healthcare startup to building a master's thesis on sociable voice user interfaces, it is this child-like wonder that has 'un-shaped' me into a Design Mutant, curious to take up new challenges and wear different hats to fills the gaps.

I see my role as that of a problem solver, one who steps in to simplify available information, decode user-behaviour and brings method to madness. 

I enjoy being the occasional fly-on-the-wall observing people in their element and making talking bots. When I am not working you can find me reading, doodling, binge-watching, DIY-ing, organizing spaces or making paper-planes.


A pen, a sketchbook, chai and eggs 🍳


How might we make technology more human and delightful, to solve for people’s unmet needs?


R.K. Laxman | Jane Fulton Suri | Dieter Rams  & the people around me! 🤩


Naoto Fukasawa, the book. 📕

It was my introduction to seeing Design as a practice and philosophy, a way of being.


Sketches in Voice User Interfaces: Relational Conversations with Virtual Personal Assistants in Domestic Spaces

Masters thesis, OCAD University. ISBN 978-1-77835-090-0 , 2021

Patent: Ocular Screening

Pub. no. WO/2018/100589, PCT/IN2017/050561 , 2016

Designing for Comprehensive Healthcare: A ground zero study and system

synthesis from India


RSD7, The 7th Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, 2018

Access to Electricity-A Case Study for a Decentralized People-Centric Energy

model for India


RSD7, The 7th Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, 2018

InterCARE: A Cloud Computing Patient Care System

In proceedings; IndiaHCI Conference 2014 (ACM Digital Library)


Empowering  Caregivers in Immunization Innovation Challenge
Community Fellow, Challenge Team

OpenIDEO + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Healthy Bones Healthy Aging Challenge

Community Fellow, Challenge Team

OpenIDEO + UCB, AARP Innovation, VA Innovation Center, National Osteoporosis Foundation, & TMC Innovation

iSHOW India, ASME Grand prize 2017

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Winning Start-up

Representing Brun Health Pvt. Ltd.

Singularity University Global Impact Challenge (GIC) India 2018
Winning Start-up

Representing Brun Health Pvt. Ltd.

4 Collaborative Design Tips from OpenIDEO’s Community Fellows
Reflections as a Community Fellow


How to Build a Vibrant Global Community, Virtually
Tips & Tricks on working virtually


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