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Doodle Doo!

A collection of scribbles, scribing, sketch-notes, mind-maps and doodles. Moonlighting as a Doodler I capture conversations, delightful moments and people in their element.

/ Proceedings RSD9 conference

For the Relating Systems Thinking & Design Conference in October 2020

/ IDEO-CommonPass Covid-19 Webinar

On commission for IDEO, conference sketchnote.

/ Webinars: Live scribbing

These are live scribbed sketchnotes of webinars, podcasts and conference talks. I use it as a way of retaining information and a way of thinking with the talk.

/ OpenIDEO Challenges

These are sketchnotes, doodles and sketches I did as part of by stint with OpenIDEO throught their challenges in 2019 as a Community Fellow.

Be it a thank you note or a process or an idea or just sharing a thought across a remote call, sketching creates a tangible piece and a global language that makes communication seamless within cross-disciplinary groups. I say sketching or doodling, because it is a quick way to express oneself unlike drawing which is meticulous and well planned. I use the phrase “Doodle Do”: Do it to make the idea come to life and to make it actionable.

/ DoodleType

For the 36 Days of Type Challenge, 2019 I experimented with sketchdoodles to create Letter forms. Each Letter form is a sketchnote of explaining a term or concept or topic.

I picked the topic from recently heard podcasts, books I read, technology terms to trending concepts. The 36 Type forms are informatic sketchnotes covering things like Augmented Reality, Cannabis, Genome, Jazz, Quidditch to 3D-printing.

/ The Year in Doodles

Summing up my yearly journey in a single doodle is a beautiful way for relfecting and being grateful.

/ Faces in Scribbles

A project I started while in commute, scribbling first and then observing people around to draw out faces in the scribbles. 

/ Research+Doodles

Doodling is a great way to jot down large chunks of information into visual forms, buidling on mindmaps, conventional persona mapping & scenario mapping.

/Recipe doodles

This is  a recent development in my doodle, where my love for food meets my obsession to bring method to madness. This series later turned into recipes for all other processes that needed some method to wrap around them.

If you like DoodleDo and want to join me in practicing visual thinking,  follow "The Visual Thinkers Society" on Instagram [@visualthinkerssociety] or Twitter [@visualthinkerso] and draw with us.

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