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CLIENT: High Space Logistics

1 weeks | Freelance | 2017

The brief was to design a logo along with peripherals like visiting cards and letter heads. The client’s business is built around automated warehousing. It is a young company that wanted a fresh look to enter into the market which did not look techy or related to real estate. They also wanted the name initials to be incorporated in the logogram. The colours were chosen from a darker palette for its crispness and for a refined, mature look.


CLIENT: Centre for Spinal Innovation
1 week | Freelance | 2018

The Centre for Spinal Innovation was setup as part of a larger Spinal Injury Super Speciality Hospital. CSI was being setup at the time of the project for new innovation and research. The keywords used for inspiration were: spines, anatomy, building together, collaboration. I stuck to the colours used in the parent organization’s logo to show this centre as an offshoot of the same.


School of International Biodesign
iFellowship | 2016

Brochures, information handouts, posters and online visuals  were made as part of the print and digital content we used to share with the world about the fellowship. The poster prints were distributed in our academic network to detail out the structure of this unique fellowship. The brochure was designed for incoming new fellows and for guests of the school as a calendar and information take-away.

The digital posts were for scoial media to for open applications and even for a sneak-peek in the process of the fellowhship with the field photographs and mission statements.


CLIENT: Electron Microscopy Facility, NCBS
2 weeks | Freelance | 2015

The logo for EMF was designed with the intention of it being playful and collaborative- that would attract students and researchers to attend their workshops. This particular facility exists in the institute as a collaborator with other labs. They wanted to use the logo on Tshirts to show their belonging and for give-aways. I also re-coloured some EM images which could be used in posters and journal cover pages.

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