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/ Form & Structure

3D form development


Exploration and prototyping


3 weeks | 2012

Form studies was about generating 2D forms followed by developing 3D forms from these 2D forms so as to build surfaces and volumes, and develop an understanding for this for product development.

/ 2D form transitions

From the 2D forms generated five forms were selected to use them further in learning radii manipulation and form transitions. The two selected forms were transformed and altered till each lost its character and an in-between interesting stage was chosen. From this chosen form characteristics were derived and more forms were generated.

/ Linear sliced transition of 2D form

A 3D form built by stacking transition stages of the 2D forms.

/ Form Extrusion

3D form from 2D forms by extrusion, transitions and radii manipulation.

/ Surface Generation

Skewed surfaces made using linear material, i.e. thread and bent rods.

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